Friday, July 17, 2009

The danger of reporting these incidents

Retaliation is common. Death, torture, housing problems etc might occur from being politically active. Bizarre acts of retaliation are common from the industries that are involved in these accidents or games that are played. How can we try to survive? What might a complaint protocol be? How can we support one another despite extreme fear?


  1. Kitsialano 2008

    _The people that remain_

    The people that remain
    Are profit oriented people
    with a medicated smell on their sidewalk.
    Are they black and white?
    -playing with coolant:
    the death squads
    -always the pickle generator,
    sitting in the Naam restaurant all night long
    alone, homeless
    Not many blocks away from the Triumph facility
    the restaurant floor is rocking.
    I feel oppressed by the anti-terrorism covert placemats.
    Across 4th someone has made a stand for white vs. black,- "tribal" firesticks.
    I'm thrown out and leave walking alone dodging
    being seen by dissipators.

  2. CIA projekts

    There is evidence of people all over N.A. including western Canadian provinces being tortured including by bombing with polluting/radiation emitting weapons. The inhumane treatment includes robotization of normal functions: walking, singing, etc. so that these are influenced and controlled by computer. There are lethal weapons used to protect projekts and to enforce so called right to research.

  3. fwd.attempting to deal with issue in my non immediate family: to Manitoba Human Rights commission

    > They are constantly taking actions to
    > deny me services and this as busy work because they exploit
    > me in their businesses, providing info to government and in
    > their medical and connected (robotics) research. So there is
    > always the context of employement in that they deny me
    > reimbursement for my efforts saying I am unable to function
    > but I have attended university for a double major with
    > electives. My cousins are brutal two faced and have no
    > compunction enslaving someone sexually or in order to vent
    > their rage. Most of the violence they inflict occurs on
    > public streets and in my housing. They are attempting to
    > sabatogue my activities eg. again to have me incarcerated so
    > that they are not obliged to pay up yet I am clearly used in
    > their research etc. endeavors. I would need a no contact
    > order in order to prepare my proof carefully because they
    > are so abusive, violent, hostile, bigoted, two faced,
    > valueless though I do not know what they profess in order
    > to
    > carry out their businesses, I have also heard that there
    > are other people being tortured by them in the context of
    > their medical practices and I want to be free of blame. For
    > example, one cousin an engineer the one that pestered me as
    > a rapist in my bathtub may be doing policing, robotics,
    > crowd control, harnessing of so called criminals such that I
    > am being used as a volunteer subject because I am opposed to
    > the use of nuclear energy and the waste it leaves us. Many
    > people included in this research whether done for federal,
    > foreign government or personal contracts are being tortured
    > eg. cia ant terrorism projekts. My other cousins a
    > radiologist and neurologist do related research providing
    > the machinery to carry out the torture etc. I am opposed
    > especially to being abused sexually so that I am isolated
    > from others, called names so that they can make the profit
    > without fear of bieng obliged to pay me a wage or to hear my
    > concerns. I believe my cousins
    > are eugenicist admirers and for this reason they have
    > business interests that oppose democratic government. Eg.
    > one person bugging my apartment LP Lockhart admitted that he
    > had maimed me when i was in my teens and killed my father.
    > these are serious accusations and the problem is that
    > evidence choice is one sided. The policing forces will claim
    > evidence was gathered whenever but I must claim I was being
    > bugged. They claim for example I am violent and I am in fact
    > provoked and intimidated by the brutality of the torture. So
    > the employment issue is a bit vague. I cannot seek
    > employment outside this context at the moment for example
    > because I am physically sick and they have cause me to be
    > known as a "problem" and needing the intervention of a
    > druggist at least. Excuse me for being cynical but my
    > cousins are profiting from my monitary crises to a bizarre
    > extent and in fact one psychiatrist even uses their policing
    > "software" gathered from my torture and
    > near death experiences (attempted murder). Please pass
    > this email by your superiors so that they can advise me
    > about the employment issue. Please forward to the
    > appropriate office in your area. Thanks for the feedback.
    > JanS

  4. Hi JanS,
    you are right when you say they are denying services. The reason is because the torture is a part of a big system. The organize crime manage this system called "Gang Stalking". And The goal of this is to destroy the targeted individual's: themselves, their lifes, their relationships, etc.

    I'm targeted since I was born.I have a blog you can follow at this adress:

    But you can also educate yourself at these adresses: