Wednesday, July 29, 2009

air a little thick? billowy?

Anyone know of reports of reactor problems on Oct. 14th, 2009

seee Samdra Sandoski complaints board TB
see coolant/radiation victims in America on google.

many people reported to be alive but held: eg well known people


  1. possible reactor problems, bombings? or radiation problems
    Thunder Bay 1987
    Van.ubc campus 1992
    West Van 1993
    Edmonton ???eg.2001-2009

  2. problems also in North Van eg.building falling down Feb.25th, 2009,severe problems along Esplanade. eg. water front severe problems
    problems in Surrey also severe.

  3. Amnesty International
    430-319 West Pender St
    Vancouver, BC
    V6B 1T3

    Telephone - General inquiries: (604) 294-5160
    Telephone - Refugee caseworker:(604) 294-9450
    Fax: (604) 294-5130

    E-mail - General Inquiries:
    E-mail - Regional Development:
    BC/Yukon regional website:

    Dear Amnesty,

    Can you tell me the difference btw CEDs and dissipators? When you talk of the death penalty in Canada you are not considering the use of dissipator devices on the population by the policing forces and private businesses and home owners of security systems. Some poeple also own something called a particle or wave generator apparently and these are fatal as well leaving no traces.

    Please also consider the evidence of Samdra Sandoski on the complaints board and the google blog coolant radiation victims of canada and US.

    I personally have never been a middle class person and havenot ever been shown a dissipator device. I am not able to adequately define these to protect myself or the torture chamber set ups in many houses which dissipate without trace.

    I have also witnessed the use of gps sound stalking to intimidate people in housing and while travelling eg. Greyhound and on buses where there are hydro connections. There are reports of human rendering at Salmon Arm, Prince George and Chilliwack. I believe I have witnessed by smell several incidents which confirm this. As below I have reported this to rcmp to no avail. There is a lot of racial harassment connected to WW2 -eg a nazi revival. apparently several celebrities are being held as would be expected ...I am not likely able to survive or assist more than I have. I have been threatened and tortured as well. I'm afraid I do not know how to handle searching for the people trapped.--the gps sound stalking makes difficult if not impossible actually locating the poeple they make you focus on. Please feel free to ask for more info and do not approach a private security system without disabling first I guess is the best advice.


    Janine A.F.Sakowicz

  4. reactor problems referred to initially occurred in Edmontno but Broadway in Van. at times has phenomenon that are connected to reactor problems. I can't find any sign of official reports. There are also reports of radiation events along the sunshine coast. Traveling from Edmontono through Red Deer and all over there are signs in buildings of gas/electrical phenomenon described initially as billowing out etc suggesting a bombing or explosion has occurred and as in the example on Feb. 25th in North Van. On the same day while I watched the building fall, I felt the ground rock and noticed other buildings with the billowing gas/smoke/electrical substance. Sorry I can't identify exactly what happened but belong to the school that believes we need info from the people in authority in order to make judgments about how to survive. Even in Chernobyl the disaster was dealt with.

  5. In North Van at Capilano Mall and walking along the Marine drive? you can see the air contains something and in the mall you feel difficulty walking due to coolant?
    In Surrey, after a rain while standing waiting I felt some convulsions.

  6. Letter to Mayor Stephen Mandell of Edmonton, Alberta

    > Edmonton turned my reputation around
    > big time.Homeless, charged, stalked by violence,…isolated, fleeing violence outside of Alta again,
    > Does your council support people with disabilities on Aish
    > to this day in your community and not only to the
    > handicapped children of the rich with family?
    > There have been reports of Nestles depo- provera being used
    > in your city, convenient during the 60s and 70s in the third
    > world for birth control, and that were protested by women
    > groups because of side effects of sterilization and cancer.
    > True believers of Canadian eugenics, also used another
    > method to sterilize me in 2001.
    > Need an anti-loner law to address stalking by security
    > system of racially/economically/socially profiled. This
    > might upset the porno industry in Canadian cities like
    > Edmonton and Vancouver because of their dependence on
    > racial/sexual hatred for shakedowns to humiliate victims
    > into self despair and to encourage cold hostility of
    > officials like those enforcing laws. eg police and salaried
    > sex workers like therapists.
    > Security system and other equipment to control and coerce
    > young non whites and ethnic minorities of both
    > sexes…into self enforcing eugenics.
    > When your vaginal input and output is monitored by security
    > system, in accordance with 1930s Alberta eugenics
    > values, but in the 2000s, ‘tis hard to work in any
    > capacity in a restaurant if at all if you are a minority
    > vulnerable person. As the situation deteriorates, the
    > community loses the values fought for since the 1930s. For
    > example, I voted for you in the first term. I was
    > discouraged by a lack of interest in my feedback during the
    > 2nd term electioneering but intended to vote. I was unable
    > to vote.
    > Already during 2006 when privacy legislation was
    > revolutionized in the anti social revolution of Harper,
    > mathematics was featured in funding. The 5 colour problem
    > was applied, in order to determine who would be an employee
    > as well as choosing the capacity. So, “innuendo” in my
    > subsidized housing situation was that there were stalls and
    > republicans subsidizing my aish check. Eventually, I was
    > intimidated out of the housing, run out of Alta. And had the
    > tough love of WW2 shakedown again move me into new realm of
    > poverty when the housing seized my property and the evidence
    > to defend myself in allegations of race, and genetic
    > servitude; filthy, lazy habit of sickness and recovery. The
    > WW2 shakedown, common theme in German centric porno industry
    > in Edmonton in 2008 used electrical bananas, threats of
    > fire, and unheard of critical events as funding attractions
    > of subsidized housing. The HS(2) euphemism in the
    > river valley was loredo like the night of Oct.
    > 14th, 2008 and in the clear morning of the 15th, 2008. Did
    > the republicans bring a movie set with them? Riding the
    > storm of the ground shine along Edmonton streets was the
    > economic leg hold trap that never was in Edmonton to this
    > day. Hard to keep track of friends when you are an outcast,
    > and someone warned me not to dissapear. What did they mean?
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  7. Letter to UN Anti Torture Committee

    Received: Friday, September 4, 2009, 9:35 PM
    > Can you give me info about intl
    > courts? Are there any international courts to try the fact
    > that I have not been able to access legal advice or to help
    > with stopping the stalking and harassment, I am being
    > victimized by? When I have filed a statement of claim,
    > I have been denied a hearing? When I have been obliged to go
    > to court, I have been kept from the court room so that I
    > automatically lost the case and the Judgment was against me.
    > This was the manner of giving me a legal history. When
    > I attempted to accumulate evidence, my evidence was stolen.
    > The intention is to drain you financially and wait to
    > accumulate the evidence that your opponents need to make a
    > conviction eg: to torment, persecute, stalk, assault,
    > torture you into anger and violence. When the evidence is
    > stacked against you, this does not change the fact that you
    > can no longer recall details since evidence was stolen,
    > assaults causing memory loss occurred, that documents were
    > taken from
    > public record, that your time was wasted for the amusement
    > of fascists. You have also the various crowd control devices
    > currently available to people in the enforcement communty
    > and to the wealthy: harnesses with electro-magenetic
    > fields/coolant cushions, and gambling/pimping stalking
    > systems using sound gps, location gps, and illegal entry and
    > seizure,assault with security system,& crippling and gait impairment. We can also talk of the cia memory: long term and
    > short term at the convenience of those with the ability to
    > spin history. Details are at their command, the details
    > chosen are at their command, including who is remembered and
    > how. Thus the fact that there appear to be missing people
    > and people being tortured in Canada has not been mentioned
    > publicly. That there appear to be bombings and
    > coolant/radiation disasters of some sort has not been
    > mentioned publicly. These have occured in the area where the
    > 2010 Olympics are supposed to occur. Will this cause some of
    > the better athletes to dissappear and to
    > suffer illness and dissipation. Dissipated people of
    > course may have been dissipated for ideological reasons or
    > because they taught you something that you do not want to
    > acknowledge as theirs eg for the purposes of cheating them
    > of their intellectual property or of a historical record or: eg. they did not believe
    > that mass murder is appropriate in any circumstance or that
    > security systems should kill trespassers at the discretion
    > of the owner eg. the unwanted visitor of a disliked person
    > in order to further control events. I have been victim
    > of most of these kinds of strategies and of street stalking
    > and provocation. Also there is the illegal use of radiation;
    > I believe use of radiation is illegal because it cannot be
    > mined safely. The ideological period that brought us
    > attempts to have freedom of speech and freedom of mobility
    > has ended for a time. Thoughts are tracked by satellite and
    > radiological equipment to drive us to new levels of
    > incongruence with the environment
    > because perhaps this technology has a debt load of guilt
    > that goes with it: the cost of the trash. Thus in a period
    > where we need our attention in order to make survival
    > decisions we have pollution levels that are the wails
    > of some technologically sophisticated people but
    > people who are unwilling to consider an easy going look at
    > their values about social issues, about what the environment can
    > tolerate, and why and what success is.
    Janine A.F.Sakowicz,